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Single Mother Walking the Talk – Fashion

I’m learning that being conscious of our environment and saving money goes hand-in-hand. HURRAH! Now, this might already be incredibly obvious to you but as one of the newer members of the Otesha team, this is a revelation!

I always assumed that buying organic seasonal food was more expensive than shopping in a supermarket, that wearing vintage was only for trendsetters with money to burn and keeping my two children amused appropriately every weekend and school holiday was neigh on impossible without spending loads of money.

Absolutely great news for a single mother learning to walk the talk!

So walk beside me as I learn and change my family’s life, one step at a time.

Fashion forward?

I wouldn’t really classify myself as a fashion-forward person. I don’t ‘shop till I drop’, take any notice of the upcoming seasons or Fashion Week and I generally hate wearing anything that has a label in sight. So that said, I would classify myself with more of the ‘make-do-and-mend’ category. Which brings me to my […]

Fancy a mini ethical fashion fest?

Well, you’re in luck!  Our friends at The Papered Parlour are taking over the Museum of Childhood.  Workshops, live music, performance, and craft stalls – including our famous tetra pak wallet making workshop beckons you to join us and celebrate ethical fashion and its growing social movement. When: Thurs 3rd March from 6:00-9:00pm Where: Museum […]

Getting Ethical about Fashion

with the Prince’s Trust xl Club at Barnet College Barnet College invited us to come and help them run a project about ethical fashion. We started by getting to grips with some of the issues that make the fashion industry unsustainable. We discussed sweatshops, Fairtrade, child labour and the chemicals that are used to grow […]

Recycled Fashion

Focus on recycled, DIY and ethical fashion This workshop aims to show participants that ethical fashion doesn’t have to involve ugly knitted jumpers! They’ll learn how to turn Tetra Paks and other unlikely items into wallets. They’ll also make connections between their own personal choices and global issues, mapping out where their own clothes come […]

Single Mother Walking the Talk… 2014’s Lessons

Happy New Year y’all! Before I joined Otesha in February 2014, I think the areas of my life that were environmentally conscious and active were because of: My financial situation and my ‘make do and mend’ attitude because of it. The fact my mother raised me as (and when) she was raised (1940’s Philippines) and the […]

The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold – When you bag a bargain, who pays for it?

One of our Cycle Tours alumni Cressida Kinnear, is involved in an amazing and important film about cotton.  She so kindly offered to tell us her tales and background about Dirty White Gold. One of my favourite Otesha workshops to facilitate is the fashion workshop – I love the part  when everyone in the group […]

Western Quest go back to School!

After a short cycle ride from Radstock to Frome along a beautiful abandoned railway, we arrived at Vallis Veg Farm.  Here we were greeted by our wonderful host, Cordillia and our Sustainable Frome guru, Alex.  We settled in quickly and in the evening we were treated to a bath under the stars, heated by an […]

Where’s Milo? Q&A

Here at Otesha, we’re always trying to take small actions in our lives to contribute to a cleaner and greener world.  Some days, our paths cross other inspiring people and Tristan Titeux is certainly one of them.  He so kindly offered to tell us his story and explain the Where’s Milo? project.  Read on… My name […]

Plastic fast update: that weekend newspaper problem

Back in June and July I was blogging here about my household’s attempt to go cold-turkey, no-ifs-no-buts plastic-free for one month. I’ve left a bit of a gap before coming back to reflect on how it went and what we learned, and I’ll definitely be writing some wrap-up thoughts on that before too long.  But […]

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