About Us

“Otesha” is a Swahili word that means “reason to dream” or “to plant something and make it grow”.

Our Vision:
A movement of young people who have the power, skills and creativity to make a fairer, cleaner and greener world.

Our Mission:
We are building a community of people who see their lives as powerful tools for environmental and social change. We connect day to day choices with their global impacts, inspiring people to take positive and creative action for a fairer and greener world. Through training and support we empower young people from all backgrounds to take the lead in creating this change for themselves, their community and the wider world.

Here’s how we’re doing this:

1. Helping groups of young people start up projects about issues they care about, letting them develop leadership skills and make a real impact in their own communities at the same time through our Change Projects programme.

2. Providing ongoing support to our alumni (that’s people who’ve been involved in cycle tours, local groups, or come into contact with us another way). Often once people get involved with Otesha, they want to keep on making positive change. Sometimes they want to start up their own projects, or give presentations at schools in their own communities, get work in the sustainability sector, find wicked volunteering opportunities, or even start up their own local groups. We help them do this.

3. Making great resources for all kinds of people that talk about social and environmental issues in a clear, practical and creative way. Who says living sustainably has to be boring? We’ve made a Handbook, a How to Change Things guidebookTools for Campaigners and we’ve been developing resources for educators. We also have a bi-monthly newsletter chock-full of interesting ideas, great local projects, and other thought-provoking nuggets.

4. Making our office a place to grow and mold ideas.  Based in Regents estate, workshop 44 is now home to Otesha, we host the space for the local community; welcoming in residents who want to use computers and resources and running workshops in the evenings. Pop along and say hello!

From time to time, we also support special projects for new young leaders who want to tackle big social and environmental challenges. In 2008, we helped to create, train and coordinate the first ever UK Youth Delegation to a UN Climate Change Conference.

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