What we stand for

At Otesha, we try to walk (erm, cycle) the talk whenever we can. After all, what’s the point of changing the world if you don’t start by changing yourself?

Here are some of the ways we’re trying to embody our values:

Our flat structure: In 2011, we transitioned to a non-hierarchical structure¬†where every team member has equal responsibility for decisions. This aligns with our values about how everyone’s voice should be heard and how we work together better if we all have equal say.

Diversity and anti-oppression: Social justice and freedom from oppression underpin everything else we do. Read on to learn more about what this means, why it’s so important and how it filters down through all our work.

How green are we? We also want to keep getting better at this whole responsible consumption business, so we think carefully about everything we buy, use, and throw away, as well as where we bank, how we get around, and how we can have maximum fun with minimal possible impact.

Youth leadership: We also feel pretty strongly about young people taking the lead, which is why we always have Otesha alumni on our board of trustees and why we invite our whole community to take part in strategic planning and project feedback. On top of this, every single programme we run is based around the idea of young people taking control of their own experiences – whether by becoming a self-organising two-wheeled community, designing and running social change projects or finding amazing green jobs.