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11th November 2011 by

Now that the franticness of the growing season is over, it’s time to sit back and admire the winter store cupboard. This year I have been a preserving powerhouse. It’s taken perseverance and there have been painful moments, like when the marmalade didn’t set or the cordial exploded.

It all began with a bout of blight in an allotment full of tomatoes – suddenly I found myself with kilos and kilos of green tomatoes. I don’t tend to anthropomorphise vegetables, but at times I really felt that all those tomatoes were laughing at me.

But now I’ve got cordial, marmalade, jam and chutney to see me through the winter and cover up for many inevitable forgotten birthday presents.

This is what I’ve made:

Green Tomato Marmalade

– Green Tomato Chutney (an amalgamation of lots of different recipes)

Hawthorn Ketchup

– Grape and lemon jam (an attempt to fix and set some fermenting cordial, hence the weird combination, I’m not sure if sour jam is going to take off)

– Pickled Gherkins

– Pickled Turnips

– Grape Cordial (learn from my mistakes and don’t skimp on the citric acid, or it will ferment and explode in your face, or all over your kitchen)

Elderflower Cordial (I wasn’t organised enough to catch the elderberries)

– Hawthorn Cordial

– Sloe Cordial

– Rosehip Syrup

Next up: chilli oil in a range of strengths, one for every occasion; there’s some wine still in progress, which I have merely been an observer to but can’t wait to try; and two marrows, one of which, controversially, is destined for rum.

Feel free to share below the pickling and preserving recipes that will see you through the winter.

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