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5th May 2010 by

With the weather this brilliant lately and weekends full of sun; it got me thinking ‘how cool would it be to take a bike ride in the sunshine’. Only problem is I don’t have a bike and then I came across the idea of bikes for hire. I remembered reading an article about this, Transport for London are launching a cycle hire scheme.
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All over London there will be self service bike sites. The idea is that you will be able to go pick up a bike at one of the sites, take it for a ride and then return it to another site (or the same, which ever is convenient). The scheme will launch 30th July 2010 and it hopes that more people will cycle around London, which will be a great sustainable way to travel and very health too. With a price of £1 an hour or 30minutes for a free ride this sure will be appealing for a good summer ride in the sun.

This will be great for tourism, transport to work, exploring the city or just a general fun day out with family or friends. Personally I cant wait to see how this scheme will work out and to get all my friends involved. Riding in the summer breeze and hopefully with none of London’s wet summer rain. With this scheme of bikes for hire, London will be that bit more socially sustainable city we all dream it one day will be.TFL Cycle for Hire

3 Responses to “Cycle for Hire”

  1. Seffy says:

    In theory this sounds lovely! But how will they ensure people return the bike, and secondly will people be expected to turn up with their own helmets? Makes sense right? But what is someone plans ‘on spur of the moment’ and doesn’t carry a helmet around. Wouldn’t be very safe if people were encouraged to ride a bike without helmets.

    Personally i think its fabulous idea and wish it works out, truly can not wait!

  2. Andy Lulham says:

    We have a similar scheme in Bristol, although I haven’t tried it yet… You register beforehand and pay per hour, so that’s how they ensure people return the bike.

    I do agree with you about helmets, Seffy. I can’t figure out what they could do about that.

  3. Richard says:

    Ye in france you would have to put in a deposit of 150 euros but you will get it back when you unsubscribe the service.

    Its cool and convenient and only 90 cent a day, hey thats worth it.

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