Cycling Without The Fall

22nd June 2010 by

At the moment I would describe myself as a new cycle enthusiast. Still learning how to cycle, getting to grips with the bike and hopefully, sooner than anticipated, a cycling star.

One of the main issues I face is cycling on the road on my own, building that confidence to become a good cyclist. So to overcome that, I have registered and took part in my first session of cycle training with Bike Works.

The training was brilliant and started with me familiarizing myself with the bike and its parts.


The training itself was great. I learnt about braking, maneuvering, turning, looking back, signaling and speeding. That last part wasn’t wise; which led to a fall and a twisted ankle. But like any enthusiast, that did not stop me from getting back on that bike and riding on; even though that ride did not last long. For my 2nd upcoming session I am hoping to learn a very simple thing, cycling without the fall.

To take part in a cycle training with Bike Works, just click here.

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