Cycling to Fame!

8th July 2010 by

Last month, I was given the opportunity to take part in a Transport for London short promotional film about cycling. Having successfully past the interview stages, last Monday was finally my big filming day. It started pretty early and lasted for 11 hours, which showed me how tough acting and modeling can be. Also standing in the hot sun all day did get tiresome, but it was a great deal of fun being filmed. I felt like a star with the Otesha’s new office bike as my co-star.

At first it felt both awkward and nerve wrecking being filmed, the awkwardness came with having to put make-up on for the first time ever. Once the nerves settled everything was fine and I started to enjoy it. The shoot started at Crouch Hill in the morning and moved to FInsbury Park after lunch. Having shot only a few scenes at each location I began to realise how hard it is to get the perfect shot when filming. There were various scenes that needed to be filmed in various angles, lenses, shots, wideness, etc. A lot of patience is require for this, but that’s what being a star is all about.

Two Wheels GoodTwo Wheels Good

On the left is the shiny red bike I was filmed admiring and on the right is the Two Wheels Good bike shop sign. The scene was filmed 7-10 times just to get it perfect.

Van with a Camera

On the left is the van I was chasing up the hill, it had a camera that was filming my riding skills. On the right is a camera filming me sitting on a bench at the top of the hill, whilst relaxing.

After most of the filming was done, the worst part being the cycle up the hill and getting really tired whist still maintaining an actors smile, it was time to record the sound clip that would go in the video. I was really unprepared for this and I did my best to sound good, which I don’t think went well. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

All in all it was an amazing day and a very great experience. The promotional film will be advertised online and in cinemas mid-August, which is exciting because I’ve never seen myself in the big screen before. Expect an update with a video in August, with me cycling to fame and glory.

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