Cycling with one hand!

15th July 2010 by

After my last cycling with confidence session at BikeWorks (and the little mishap of falling off the bike and twisting my ankle, read more here), I was not so keen on this second session. My only worry being “will I fall again?”; luckily that did not happen and with that out of my mind I was able to go to the next stage of the session. The cycling session itself went brilliantly and the next challenge I faced was cycling with one hand.

The session took place at Victoria park with Dean Wicks, my cycling instructor. The session went smooth and fast, with lots of things to bare in mind. The best way to signal is to stick your arm out straight to your side, in the direction your wishing to turn, leave that for 3 to 5 seconds as your signal to turn. This will inform other drivers on what you will do so that it is not unexpected for them when you suddenly turn, thus being safe on the road as a cyclist.

It took a while to get use to letting go of the bike and signalling whilst cycling straight. Although eventually I was able to overcome this. Also the other issue I faced was signalling to the right. As I am right handed it was easy to let go of the bike with my left hand and controlling the bike with my right hand. This enabled me to signal left well. With my right signals, I found it difficult to control the bike with the left hand thus difficulty in letting go of the bike with my right hand. After many practices I was able to overcome this too.

With that out the way I now can start to take what I have learnt to the road and be that bit more confident in cycling.

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