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14th July 2010 by

So… amongst numerous activities and the many other things they get up to, the lovely people at Otesha are piloting a new programme/service thing.

After various discussions and meetings, it now officially goes by the name of ‘DIY Projects’ and I have been offered to take part… I am the ‘DIY Pilot’, sounds pretty dangerous when put like that, but I assure you, there’s absolutely no flying involved!

I have been thinking and talking about all sorts of project ideas that I want to set up for quite some time now! It’s about time I got a move on and turn them from the ideas stage into reality… This is where the actual work begins, and where Otesha comes in! Through providing time to mentor me through the project, office space and facilities I should have everything in place to really build up some momentum.

What is my project idea? (I hear you ask)

I want to set up a pedal-powered delivery system. That is simply delivering stuff via bike.

My initial pilot project is going to be a veg-box delivery scheme, but down the line I hope it could develop into a service to deliver all sorts and great tool for courier cooperative types.

The scheme will be open to all and help numerous individuals by providing flexible work, increased access to healthy fruit & veg and the opportunity to be active by cycling deliveries around.

Now I need to decide on a name… any suggestions welcome.

Everything I come up with seems to be taken!

FoodCycle is great, and the name is gone (we share our office with them!)

The Food Chain, is also a personal favorite and so gone!

I’ve been through loads of them. Bike Box? Spoke About! hmmm

Come on then, roll-up, roll-up. Bring on the suggestions… then we can take it to a vote!

4 Responses to “DIY Projects”

  1. Mark Barker says:

    How about “Velo-veg”?

    Good luck with venture whatever you call it, sounds like a brilliant plan

  2. Nick says:

    Bicycle Burrito? spoke and knife?

  3. Duncan MacKenzie says:


    Choose one that doesn’t restrict you to food delivery. I like ‘Spoke About’ although you could do better. Wheel Deal? Are you going to make it a co-op? I’m potentially in!

    Good luck,

  4. Edd says:

    Thanks for the comments… (ohh Nick. lol!)

    I totally agree that the name shouldn’t be food bound, as rather restrictive down the line.

    Bike About? Pedal Pushers! Meals on Wheels (haha)
    Hows about simply…. ByCycle?
    Then it could offer different services… Food ByCycle, Post ByCycle.

    “Are you going to make it a co-op?”
    I’m keen to get things going and see how it takes shape… I certainly hope I can develop a service to support co-ops ect. I’m always open to discussing things further if you’re interested? Get in touch. Cheers Edd

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