Seasonal salads and the very best vegetables

27th July 2010 by

This month we challenge you to find out what you can eat seasonably, then eat it. Or grow it using the handy step by step guide, then eat it. Or steal it from Tescos… no wait, definitely don’t steal it, carrots look very obvious under the trenchcoat. But seriously now – don’t steal. Gardening is far more fun and you won’t end up in prison.

The eat seasonably people reckon the 10 easiest things to grow are:

– salad (get rocking with the rocket)
– tomatoes
– peas (give peas a chance)
– courgettes
– strawberries
– beetroot
– mint
– beans
– onions (cry me a river of chutney)
– pumpkin

Hopefully you’ll find you’re better at growing it than I am at coming up with vegetable themed puns. But either way, lettuce know how you get on ( Send us photos, seasonal recipes and stories about how the slugs ate all your salad.

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