Waste not water not

1st March 2010 by
Without water we ain’t got nothing and although this planet is full of it, only a tiny proportion is fresh water. Then bear in mind that every drop of the wet stuff that passed through our pipes, taps, drains and cisterns has been cleaned to drinking standard, using more than a bucketful of energy in the process.

This month we challenge you not to waste a drop of it:

But whatever you do, let us know (email jo@otesha.org.uk). We’ll put your drops of good advice up here and our favourite answer will receive a Fairtrade chocolate bar.

Our favourite water-saving stories

We have it on good authority that the hard-working hosts over at the Hub Islington have fixed their leaky tap. Way to go!

On top of this, we learned through twitter that the Adnam’s brewery harvests their rainwater & uses it to flush their loos and wash their lorries.  This is great news – we love an ethical pint.

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