Frugal Festivities & Decadent Decembers

1st December 2009 by

As the festive season draws near we challenge you to have a happy and socially and environmentally sustainable Christmas/ Ramadan/ Hanuka/ Winter Solstice etc.

How about some environmentally friendly decorations? Rent a living tree instead of buying a dying one, after Christmas the tree will be collected and replanted. You can even order the same tree again next year to see how it has grown.

Have yourself an energy saving Christmas, let your lights be solar powered. Have a sustainable festive dinner, let the Well Hung Meat Company do you an organic turkey. Or get a fair trade advent calendar. It doesn’t matter if you eat four days worth of chocolate in one go, you can feel good about yourself knowing that cocoa farmers are getting a fair wage.

Save yourself another tree and send e-cards this Christmas, let your wrapping paper be rescued (newspaper and potato printing has reached dizzy heights of sophistication this year). With the trusty website instructables on hand you can make just about any present you can imagine. Or give time not money and do something nice for someone this Christmas.

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