When good songs go bad

15th March 2010 by

Okay tck tck tck, it’s time for a talk. I know you meant well. I know you wanted to be hip and down with the youth while addressing a very important issue that doesn’t traditionally get so much mainstream media coverage. So you got together Lily Allen, Duran Duran, Fergie Ferg and 55 other artists (including kick-ass musician and fellow Canadian Hawksley Workman – mad props for that), put them together in a recording studio and made a remake of “Beds are Burning”. It had potential, it really did. But then, the result:

Which leaves me asking, why is it so hard to write good lyrics about environmental issues? Surely it’s possible. Artists have successfully managed to record ‘important’ songs before without straying into full-on cheese territory. So why is it that most musicians who try to tackle climate-change themed songs come off incredibly cringe-worthy?

Of course, there are always (less painfully heartfelt) exceptions. As an antidote to Beds are Burning, here’s a remake of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes that is both educational and entertaining – AND it’s insulation-themed. Impressive, no? I give you Double Panes:

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