Mohamed On The Big Screen

24th August 2010 by

In June I took part in a short TFL film that promotes cycling, here is a previous post that I have written during the filming. Last Friday, 20th of August, was the big launch of these short films. I featured in 2 films, that are both on YouTube and the TFL cycle site. One is my personal story and the other is the group video. The group video is also been screened at Cinema’s across the UK before the feature film (during the adverts). This is the video.

I have not seen myself on the big screen yet, but a few of my friends have confirmed that they did see me on the big screen (with pictures). I thought it would be nice to share the videos with you all and also get more views than the other videos. So far according to YouTube I have 1000 more views than the other participants videos, including Dermot O’Leary one of the celebrities in the video. Here is the video with my story entitle “Cycle Training – Summer in the City by Bike”. I hope you enjoy it.

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