Monthly challenge: water we to do?

4th May 2012 by

Splish splash!

We’ve just seen ourselves through the rainiest April in 100 years and still there’s a drought on. Over at Otesha, we’re all sploshing around in our wellies and try to wrap our heads around just how the soil can still be parched) when there’s so much wet stuff falling from the sky.

Here in the UK, we use a lot of water. Especially when you consider how little of the world’s water is available for drinking.

So this month we’re challenging you to dry out – cut your water footprint.

Your personal water footprint is made up of everything you use directly for washing, bathing, doing laundry and drinking, but more importantly it also includes all the water that’s needed to grow & process your food, manufacture your clothes and create all the other goods you consume. In sustainability jargon, this stuff is called virtual water.

By far, the biggest virtual water culprit is agriculture. So if you want to get serious about reducing your water footprint, check out this list ranking the water intensity of certain foods and see where you can tweak your habits.

You can also calculate your personal water footprint, though you’ll need to figure out how many kilos of different foods you eat each week to fill it out.

Or if you’ve got a smartphone, this app will help you calculate the virtual water embedded in all sorts of products.

Thirsty for more? Download the water chapter of the Otesha Handbook or read some tips on reducing water use at home.

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