As the nights draw in

2nd November 2010 by

It’s officially the end of British summer time. Anyone who wants to moan about British summers can go live in Spain with all the other annoying, sunburnt Brits abroad. But whatever you made of it, it’s long over.  Last week the nights were all drawn out into the mornings, but since the clocks went back the nights are really drawing in. November typically has only 10 hours of daylight, from 7am to 4pm, this means most of my cycling will be in the dark for the next few months.

I recently became a convert to the hi-vis vest, it’s part of a long slow decline from puberty to anorak-hood. But the hi-vis never runs out of batteries, like my bike lights. It doesn’t crack if you drop it on the floor, like my helmet. As car headlights get closer, the hi-vis only get brighter. I am fully aware of the new levels of geekery that I have attained, but the hi-vis is my favourite new safety device.

So the only sensible thing to do is to get yourself seen…

One Response to “As the nights draw in”

  1. Hanna Thomas says:

    That video is AMAZING!

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