Otesha’s HUGE summer Change Projects

30th August 2012 by

Three days, 150 young people, 13 Change Projects.  Working in partnership with London Youth we helped all these young people plan fantastic projects and campaigns addressing issues they feel passionately about in their local area.  One of the most exciting things about youth-led projects is that every group will come up with something exciting and unique, and, as a facilitator, you don’t know what you’ll be working on until you meet the group and they start to explore what they all care about.

Each group of up to 12 young people had just one day to design their project.  With our co-facilitators at London Youth we took them through a process which helped them come up with a comprehensive plan. First up we helped them identify what mattered to them, both individually and collectively.  At Otesha environmental and social justice are top of the agenda, so we explored sustainability – and how they can make sure their project considers environmental and social issues regardless of the topic they chose to tackle.  Once they had a broad focus for their project, we thought about all the places we could get more information for the campaign – for projects in the local community, the local community is an invaluable resource.  The young people wrote a series of questions to help them find out more, and after a quick practice session, they went out into the world to speak to real people!  Often their answers confirmed what they’d already been thinking, sometimes they helped to tweak the project a wee bit here or there – and they could then move on to planning the nitty gritty.  They planned budgets, logistics, aims and objectives, energisers to keep their motivation high and more.

Now, they’re counting down to their campaign day in September – they’ll all meet again to put their plans into action which range from tackling youth unemployment to building community to educating people on fathers’ rights and everything in between  – wish them luck!


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