Set your alarms! On Tuesday help us double our money to fight youth joblessness

19th September 2012 by

We need your help – and we’re asking you to leap into action – for just one minute on Tuesday.

A one-off, time-sensitive opportunity has come up for you to help us get a groundbreaking new Otesha project airborne, making our training and green jobs scheme for out-of-work young people a reality.

Grow Your Tenner Campaign – what’s that all about then?

From Tuesday at 10am, any donations of up to £10 to our Green Jobs project will be doubled by’s ‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign. So when a supporter gives £10, it will be doubled to £20 – an incredible opportunity to make your support go a long, long way.

Because the money’s gone when it runs out, it’s super important to donate as soon as possible after 10am Tuesday. If you donate earlier, it won’t be doubled.

All proceeds will go into our work of creating routes from joblessness to training and on to decently paid, meaningful green careers for young out-of-work east Londoners – including the development of our newest Green Jobs initiative: Otesha’s Green Ventures.

The Green Ventures centre will be an enterprise hub bringing together environmental organisations and unemployed young people who want to start up their own green micro enterprises. It will provide an intensive training programme, paid work placements and mentorship with wraparound support. We would like to hit £3000 with this appeal – but we’ll need your help.

Bring it on!

So set your clocks and join us starting at 10am on Tuesday, 25th September to wave your tenner and double it for Otesha. We’ll be in touch with a quick reminder on Tuesday – when the time comes, click HERE.

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