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1st November 2012 by

In September’s newsletter, the monthly challenge was to bake your own bread.  When speaking with other people who’ve done it before, they made it sound so easy.  There were definitely reasons to do it.  According to the Real Bread Campaign, making our own is:

Better for us
Better for our communities
Better for our planet

Bread and/or bread products are a fundamental part of our diet: 99% of UK households buy it and 74% of us eat it at least once a day but what’s really in a loaf of bread? Try reading the list of ingredients next time you’re in the shop. By law breadmakers aren’t required to include the enzymes, chemicals and additives which may be present in the bread – scary stuff.

Ok fine, I’m convinced.  But my problem isn’t the wanting to do it, it’s the how-to-get-off-my-duff-and-actually-do-it part.  Some people think using a bread maker is ‘cheating’ but when I did a quick search on gently used bread makers for sale and found one around the corner from my house, I felt like all signs were pointing onwards!  (Excuse 1 – don’t have the tools – overcome.) After handing over £30 and carefully bringing the lovely bread maker home it then sat on my counter for weeks.  It came with a recipe book and upon reading through it, I didn’t have all the ingredients.  (Excuse 2 – don’t have the materials.)  So on my day off (yes, it had to come to that) I decided to bite the bullet and go to the shops to find the materials. (Excuse 2 – overcome.)  I must admit, the fun finally began.

Carefully I read through the recipe and followed the instructions (I’m not much of an experimenter when it comes to baking… even if it’s in a machine).  I hit start and subsequently sat by it and would glance over once in awhile.  I will also readily admit that I did a little ‘yes-I-put-all-the-materials-in-the-machine-and-hit-start’ dance.  It was great.

Once the paddling began (yes there is such a thing!), I went over and looked into the little window to watch.  Intriguing.

The waiting continued…

And 2.5 hours later the bread maker beeped.  It was done and looked beautiful. After a cooling down period, and removing paddles (apparently some people really don’t like having holes left from the paddles), the loaf was complete.  And to my eyes – it was gorgeous.  It didn’t taste half bad either.


So, did I cheat?  Maybe a little.  Was it still successful? Yes.

Things I learned:

  • I can actually make bread (with the aid of a maker)
  • It tastes great
  • I control what goes into the loaf
  • Once I had the ingredients, it was super easy

So tell me, have you tried it yet?  Was it successful?  What’s going to be your next loaf?  I’ve taken out some ripe bananas from my freezer in anticipation of making banana nut loaf.  This is me – excited!


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