Shout out for the Arab Youth Climate Movement on Saturday!

9th November 2012 by

Otesha’s friends at tcktcktck and have been supporting the formation and growth of the Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCM), a new group of young people across the Middle East and North Africa, looking to create a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis.

From 26 November, this 2012 UN Climate Change Conference (COP 18) will take place in Doha, Qatar, and it’s more important than ever that there is a strong youth movement calling for Arab leadership on climate change. To showcase their demands AYCM are holding their first ever Day of Action this Saturday 10th November.

There are actions happening in 13 countries around the region from Egypt to Palestine and Libya – young people are going to be taking action and spreaking the word. You can read a full list of all the actions here.

Otesha is calling for our friends to support the AYCM to make sure their message is heard internationally. With both traditional and new media we hope to make some noise that resounds both inside and outside the Arab region. We have heard first hand from these young people how important social media now is in their countries and we all know the role it played in recent changes that have taken place in the region and the young people assure us that social media is monitored constantly in their countries. If there ever was a time just to give 5 minutes of your Saturday to send a tweet then this is it!

We’re asking for your support on Saturday and throughout next week to make sure these young people’s voices are heard.

Sign up to receive updates from TckTckTck’s twitter and facebook accounts to watch out for content coming through as it happens and retweet, repost and share your thoughts. Easy, online activism in support of youth activists just like us sounds like a decent plan for the weekend!

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