It's all a bit fishy round here

1st March 2011 by

I’ve lived in the UK for over 3 years now and I gotta say – I’m a huge fan of a good plate o’ fish and chips. That said, the whole experience is making me squirm as I learn more about the issues around sustainable fish. It seems to be all the rage with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s program on Channel 4 “Hugh’s Fish Fight” and his personal campaign, Greenpeace and WWF getting in on it.  The City of London has even been challenged to become the first ever Sustainable Fish City by an alliance of  not-for-profit organisations already working on sustainable seafood issues.  But it’s obvious that the fish fight campaign is huge and is calling attention to a massive problem.

After signing up for the campaigns, I wondered what more I could do in my every day life:

1. I will do my absolute best to only purchase and consume sustainable fish for example, products which are MSC certified.

2. Be on top of what fish to eat and what to avoid.

3. Keep my ears and eyes open to local supermarkets and how they fare in the sustainable fish fight.

4. Speak to my local fish and chip shop and see if they would be willing to change their policies.

It feels like this is only the beginning to a long fight but there seems to be some movement from all the pressure.

So keep on fighting and join the fish fight!

One Response to “It's all a bit fishy round here”

  1. Calu says:

    Another great documentary to add to your list is “The end of the line”. Check their website; they have a restaurant guide + actions you can take. As they put it …”imagine a world without fish”.


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