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19th December 2012 by

In early December the Chancellor axed a planned 3p fuel duty rise for individuals buying petrol and diesel for their cars. Working on the assumption that people couldn’t afford to pay more for private transport in a difficult economic climate, George Osborne gave up the potential tax revenue from private transport and made cuts elsewhere to fund his generosity to drivers.

So if it’s already too expensive for people to travel to work you’d expect that we’d see a similar freeze in train fares – or even a reduction as public transportation is better for the environment? Nope. Despite the fact that train fares are rising three times faster than wages, this January will see a shocking 4.2% increase in rail prices.

4.2%! I commute from Brighton to London and my weekly train pass costs me £87 – that’ll go up to £91 per week, an extra £208 per year. Honestly it’s getting to the stage where I can barely afford to commute and I work for a Living Wage employer – imagine the extra pressure this exerts upon people on minimum wage or those using their wage to support a family.

So I was pleased to hear that the Alliance for Jobs and Climate are organising ten protests in rail stations around England on Wednesday 2nd January under the banner of the Together for Transport campaign. I’ll be heading down to the Brighton protest and Tamsin will be rocking the London King’s Cross protest. If you fancy joining us (or maybe joining groups in places like Bristol, Newcastle or York?) drop us a line or email alliance@jobsandclimate.org.

Let’s put pressure on the Government to axe a fares increase which will force people into polluting cars!

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