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22nd April 2013 by


This weekend I went to visit a very special project on the outskirts of Eastleigh, near Winchester.

Highbridge Community farm is exactly that – a working farm entirely operated by members of the community. Local people can gain new skills, make new friends, save money on food costs, get plenty of fresh air and exercise AND get to take away some incredible, fresh vegetables. I was lucky to time my visit with an open day, and it was great to see many members of the community getting involved and making the most of what has been a bad year for growing this year. With the sun shining and t-shirts out – there was a definite air of optimism about the season ahead.

This model is being picked up all over as it deals squarely with many problems facing us today: rising food costs, questionable and untraceable content in processed food, our reliance on supermarkets, imported foods and heavy use of pesticides…  Speaking with Rich, a member of the group, it was clear that the benefits stretch far beyond these points. The sharing of skills between generations, improved cohesion within the community and simply getting people outside to do some healthy exercise are just as important as the finished produce.ellie-225x300

In my job I am constantly heartened by the many amazing projects there are – when plotting the route for Totally Tasty I only knew of a couple of amazing projects I wanted to include. After a little a research, speaking to a few local people, it seems there really is a food revolution going on across the UK as people step up to take back control over what they are eating. It is rewarding to arrange a whole 3 week tour, sampling the different forms that these projets take. Our hope with the tour is that tour members learn from each project they stay at. They will see the projects first-hand to gather, discuss and share ideas and take everything they need to inform their own lives and others through our workshops in schools. With our continued support, we hope that tour members will be inspired to take action within their own lives. Less than a year after our first food tour, we are already seeing this happen.Ellie has put her new skills to work to create a food co-op. You can read her honest and inspiring account of her Otesha tour, and where it has taken her in the months that followed by reading this alumni spotlight, ‘Edible Ellie‘.

In short, I just know see that Highbridge Farm will be a perfect launchpad for our 3 week food tour. If you are interested in applying, please see the Totally Tasty page for all you need to know.

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