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25th March 2011 by

I learnt quickly one of the golden rules at Otesha is; if you’re gonna make a cuppa, make an offer…it’ll earn you oodles of brownie points!

On my first day Calu made me the most amazing cup of coffee and gave me a lovely welcoming hug then Liz ran me through who I’d be assigned to each day and set me to work with Rochelle, my work experience buddy. We were to start researching videos for the facebook page and for the newsletters that I’d be producing. The videos were meant to be inspiring and to me they were. This year one of my goals is to get involved with power shift, doing a flash mob to make people aware of their impact and where their supplies are coming from.

I knew Liz wanted me to make the most of my time with them, so she quickly got me on to training to improve my cycling abilities with Bikeworks and money management with MyBnk. Which was so worthwhile as I gained so much knowledge that I wasn’t expecting to have now.

I also got involved with the ethical fashion event at the Childhood museum (which was on my birthday) making wallets out of tetra paks as they’re quite hard to recycle, I thought it was a totally great thing to spread to as many as possible, though I mainly helped set up and took loads of photos. Throughout the coming weeks Jo was on a mission to collect 200 tetra packs for a school trip they’d arranged which was lots of fun to see her beg for tetra packs, and a great feeling when she’s managed to gather 250.

It was a great five weeks of smiles, giggles, having lunches in the sun, friendly chats in the kitchen with MyBnk and FoodCycle (the others that we shared the office space with). I knew I wanted to work before I started there, but now I know why and what environment I want to work in and give my time to. The Otesha project has such a family atmosphere, it makes you want to work and help out wherever and whoever you can, it’s totally reassured my belief that working can be so rewarding.

To finish off my experience (as it is mine and Kristy’s last day) we went bowling to have a really nice end to a great experience and to show off our brilliant bowling skills. We divided the teams into interns against workers and because they had Iona, the workers won the game.

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