The butt of the matter

28th March 2011 by

Bring on the April showers! The sun has only just emerged so it may seem a bit early to be calling for rain already, butt…

This month we challenge you to collect the drips from your downpipe, the water from your washing up and the rain from your roof. Get a grasp of your greywater and beat the inevitable hosepipe ban.

Chances are that your local water operator will sell you a subsidised water butt. Or do it yourself.

Other ways to water it down in the garden:

  • use a watering can instead of a hose
  • water early morning or in the evening (less water will be lost to evaporation)
  • leave the grass to grow longer (it help keep moisture in the soil)
  • go for infrequent soaks rather than frequent sprinkling (they will encourage roots to search for water deeper in the ground)
  • use your greywater (the washing up water) on non edible plants

Let it rain, then we will make gardens when the sun shines.

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