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24th July 2013 by

As I write this the sun is setting with pink and orange streaks across the sky. I’m sitting in a beautifully crafted living willow shelter with the rest of the team buzzing around me getting ready for tomorrow’s early start. I love watching them work together, helping each other out with humour and affection – I can’t believe that we only met less than two weeks ago, I feel completely integrated into our little community, like a cog in a very happy machine!

Today has been particularly wonderful. We are staying at Tuppenny Barn, a tranquil and creatively planted organic small holding run by a wonderful lady called Maggie who welcomed us last night with homemade elderflower cordial and a mountain of the ripest and best strawberries I’ve ever tasted.

Back in 2004 this land was empty except for a large barn burried in brambles. It is so inspiring to see how Maggie and her team have transformed it into such a paradise – a place bursting with delicious food waiting to be harvested, flowers and herbs, and orchard, bee hives, an amazing plastic bottle greenhouse and a soon to be completed community centre.  Maggie’s plans for this centre are really interesting – a space for the community to hire, fork -to-food cookery lessons, pop-up restaurants, a library of books about environmental issues and food growing, educational school visits, a farm shop and lots more. I hope to get to visit again in a few years when it is in full swing. This tour has reminded me of the importance of community so it is great to see people who are actively trying to nurture it in their local area.

We spent today gardening, learning new songs, picking raspberries, gooseberries and black currants and having lovely conversations amongst the plants. Our lunch was a deliciously fresh salad, including the first crop of tomatoes. Then at 5 we were treated to a cream tea.


It has been a perfect day and we are so grateful to Maggie and Becca (the site manager) for the generosity we’ve been shown here. I’m really sad to leave Tuppenny barn so soon but am sure I will be back one day.

Jessie, Totally Tasty tour liaison 

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