Eco Furniture for the Future

6th August 2013 by

picLast year we met a very inspiring Tristan Titeux and spoke to him about his Where’s Milo project.  Nowadays he’s busy  working on what he calls, the most important thing he’s ever done.  He’s finished his book titled “Furniture for the Future”. The book is about using sustainable eco-friendly materials to build great furniture, but it is also a book about much more than just furniture. It gives a real insight into our current way of living and just how you can make a difference to your health, to your home and to the planet, the health of the planet and our own health is totally linked.  It addresses many of the crucial questions and topics about our wonderful environment and our role in it.

It’s a comprehensive 175 page full colour hardback book that explains how one could use sustainable materials to make furniture. The book will hopefully inspire you to make more ethical choices, think about what you buy, how it affects you, your health and the world. It also explains how we could learn from older civilisations and what the real costs are of not caring for our environment.

Tristan has now launched his crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for printing and in particular, to print 500 copies with a hemp hard cover.  Check it out here and see for yourself.

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