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Sustrans is a UK charity firm that allows people to make bike, walk and scooting journey in a safe manner. This is reinforced through working with local communities, policy makers and partner organisations to illustrate healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys should be a choice. Sustainable traveling should be a positive difference to society. Last week was bike to school week - but the fun doesn’t stop there! Read more about their campaigns below….

Children are our future and their safety is our priority.  We must all do our bit to keep them safe, healthy and active.  They are the most vulnerable users on the road. They deserve the safest journey to school by either walking, cycling or scooting.

Surveys have shown in 2012, 33 children were killed, and 1836 injured from walking or cycling to school over seven primary schools. What can we do to improve these incidents from happening? what should we do to protect our future generation?

Here are few ways we can help to protect the vulnerable children:

  • Lowered traffic speeds i.e. 20mph speed limit across built up areas, this will reduce incidents happening immensely, making routes safer for all road users.
  • All vehicle drivers being constantly aware of the situation, this will allow them to act fast and efficiently.
  • Give fund to make routes for cycling and walking, through this we limit accidents from occuring.
  • People can also volunteer to make effective awareness through Sustrans for example school volunteers.

Now you make the decision.


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