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A blog from a member of a recent Change Projects team – read on to find out what they got up to…

Did you know each and everyday thousands of bees are dying? Did you know European Union study shows Northern Europe and England has the most bee deaths? The use of neonicotinoids in pesticide is one of the major factor which is leading to collapse of bee colonies? Each day the quantity of food available for bees are reducing?  

Together what can we do to improve the survival of bees?


Well, here are what our change project team are doing. They are raising awareness amongst the local community because from doing a primary research in the community, we found out that not many people know about the issues around bees. It is so important that we all spread the news around, and find solutions how we can stop the bees from dying.

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The change project team went out in the local community with flyers and packets of bee friendly flower seeds. The team approached various members of the public, spoke to them and gave them the bee friendly seed packet where they can be planted anywhere, you don’t need garden to plant bee friendly foods.  Now it is your turn to make a difference it only takes few minutes to plant some seeds.


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