Cycle Tour 2014 Kicks Off!

25th June 2014 by

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With just two days before the Pedal Powered 2014 Tour training week begins in Wales, we three tour liaisons have finally printed our route preparation and packed the mandatory solar shower (we remain optimistic about Wales’ weather and our personal hygiene on tour!)

This afternoon we have celebrated over welsh cakes that Kate lovingly made for us and home brewed elderflower champagne. We feel full of Otesha love from two weeks in the office; bike grease, hummus from shared lunches and can now consider ourselves fully-fledged London cyclists.

We are excited to hit the road – starting in North Wales and heading South; visiting schools, community groups, The Centre for Alternative Technology (including a hello to Nora the wind turbine), a Green Arts festival and, of course, lots of sheep.

We are still in denial that Wales is famous for mountains and rain, and that our route follows some of Britain’s hardest cycling trails. Instead, we are focusing on the abundance of welsh cake suppliers and beautiful beaches that we will encounter on our way.

We have already met several tour members out of the ten. They are lovely people who we are excited to spend the next three weeks with. Then, if we make it through the epic journey that takes us on trains, buses and bikes across to Felin Uchaf, a remote part of North Wales, we will be united with the whole team for the first time this Friday evening. Here’s hoping!

We look forward to writing again soon with stories about the journey- and more importantly, look forward to living those stories!

Til then,

The Pedal Powered Tour Liaisons

Angelika, Ainsley and Laurie

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