We are ready to meet you halfway, world – are you ready for our two-wheeled revolution?

23rd July 2014 by

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Our last week of tour was intense, challenging, extremely rewarding and joyful all at once! We’ve come a long way across the hills of Wales and within ourselves to arrive at this point, but we made it! Read on to hear about our final days together as a team and group of rolling friends…

Some team members took a pit stop in Swansea to pick up forgotten items from hosts and do some bike-shop cycle maintenance. Big thanks go out to folks at The Bike Hub Cycle Workshop who helped Orsetta finally have a fully-functional set of hill-conquering gears! Soon afterward we were en route to a small but spirited Frack-Free Wales festival in Upper Cwmtwrch, where we performed the play to an audience of young and young-at-heart people who all enjoyed it! We also learned the ins and outs of paddy-cake hand games from two wise five-year-olds.

Our next stop was Tai’rgwaith and Garnant to visit two schools, showing them all about energy, food, transport and media through workshops. We were really impressed and empowered to see that a lot of the children already knew a whole lot about the subjects and had things to teach us as well! We joined Dan and Emily at their farmhouse for the evening and all had nice warm showers (thank you!), enjoying stories about poetry, living off the land and organizing festivals all about literature. We slept in an old traincar that was cozy and warm – not from the woodstove inside, but because we smushed ten bodies into a building slightly larger than a parking space!

We broke up our 60-mile day into two chunks by staying at an eco-pods campsite on a farm just outside of Cwmafan. Even though the hills had flattened out near Swansea, we managed to find a host living on the biggest hill we’ve yet to see in southern Wales! We also had the longest evening circle meeting to date!

We cycled the last 40 miles towards Cardiff and were elated to arrive in the city! We passed the city’s welcome sign with whoops and cheers, relieved to have finally arrived after so long on the road together. We spent the next two days hanging out with kids at the Warehouse youth centre where we were staying, and wrapping up tour with Kate and Iona. One of Cardiff’s highlights was visiting the Sennedd with our lovely host Richard and learning about the building’s environmental construction while enjoying Welsh cakes and bara brith. Big thank you also to Nos Da Hostel who let us have hot showers – much needed after the days of sweaty cycling. Before we knew it we were packing our panniers one last time to head home after tour.

It feels like it has been so long, but also no time at all. We might have been with one another on tour for a billion years or less than a blink – everything has moved so quickly. It’s hard to believe as I look back at the map just how far we’ve come, physically and internally. The distances, hills, rainy days and long consensus meetings all fade into the background as I remember the laughter, cycling games, hangouts, schools, hosts, and vegan snacks we enjoyed along the way. We would never have been able to complete the tour (or even get rolling in the first place!) without the help and support of one another throughout the journey, and the strength of others we relied on throughout to get us to Cardiff. We leave tour as individuals with a common history, new dreams and the muster to bring them into reality. We are ready to meet you halfway, world – are you ready for our two-wheeled revolution?

Let’s keep the wheels turning – allons-y!

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