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12th September 2011 by

Dami, a young person who has worked with Otesha to save energy at her school for the last 2 years, gives her insight into the project.

My perspective … THE REAL PERSPECTIVE!

Now for the real, the unbiased, ‘the not-influenced-by-Otesha-powers’ perspective on the ‘all too cool for school’ 10:10 campaign with Bishop Challoner School of Tower Hamlets.

As the leaving blue birds (Yr 11s) of Bishop Challoner, we decided to take on our last attempt at saving the world with the Eco Committee. We took on a challenge too hard for batman’s wings and wolverine’s claws: the 10:10 campaign. During our death-defying task, we battled with hundreds of hazardous toasters locked away in teacher staff rooms, allied with a group of young purple protégées (Yr 7s) with similar interests and created a pretty pink miniature billboard on the second floor of our building.

This page on the Otesha website tells you all the things we did, one of which was the energy audit. As if we didn’t already know a certain department (who shall remain nameless) had no interest in preserving their planet, we decided to check up on them anyway, and might I say the results were alarming … not surprising, but alarming. THREE KETTLES … NOT ONE, THREE. I mean everyone has to know that any appliance that has to heat water, uses the most energy.

Something had to be done. We needed to raise awareness and quickly. Might not spread as fast as a witch on her broom of destruction, but small movements have the greatest impact.

On to the first order of service, people research. I am sure you can sense the enthusiasm in my voice, through my writing … not the most exciting part, but necessary in order to educate everyone on things they were not educated on.  No-one had ever heard of the 10:10 campaign … shocker, but by the end of our campaign, every single purple in Yr 7 would know and get involved with raising awareness on the 10:10 campaign.

So, we set off raising awareness. We created a display board to go up in the school. Grand and beautiful in its appearance, the greatest in the entire mini community patch called Bishop Challoner, in the most modest of ways of course.

Below, is a picture of my … our display board.

We split up and got involved, speaking in front of multitudes in the form of the all-famous, school assembly. Had a badge competition and even got published in a widely known newspaper. The international newspaper, called the village voice, it is delivered to all regions of Bishop Challoner.

We had a cool time 10:10-ing, definitely was cool to start raising awareness. By the end of the campaign, every single Yr 7 student knew what the 10:10 campaign was and even got involved in making badges, a great achievement.

Not to mention, we got a professional energy audit. Findings were surprising with a whapping potential saving of us to £37 000 every year (and result in a 16% reduction in carbon emissions). Enough to re-do half of the school!

As for whether that Department got rid of any of their excess kettles, I am sad to report a big fat F, in that division.

3 Responses to “Saving energy at school”

  1. Ms Scutt says:

    Wow, what a great blog. A really great and interesting read. I hope you can pop in and see how Bishop progresses on the long road to energy saving. It would be great if you update the blog and let everyone know. You have all made such a difference to Bishop Challoner. Without all the Blue Shirt Eco Committee hard work we wouldn’t have started the 10:10 campaign or got the energy audit completed. I am going to miss working with you all! You are welcome back to help inspire our younger students anytime!

  2. Lucy Johnson says:

    Brilliant stuff! Well done Dami and the team!

  3. KB says:

    Excellent stuff – well done to all involved!

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