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While at the Job center searching for a work placement I pulled out The Otesha Project from of a bunch of different placements that were put upon my lap to choose from. Once I was home, I had a good researching session and found out about all the wonderful meaningful things that they do, which turned my way of thinking around. My thoughts moved from just the norm of recycling and energy saving bulbs and not thinking about my impact, to actually thinking about the effect of what I am, to my clothing, energy suppler and where my food comes from. I plan to start my own company up one day, and already with the information I have been supplied with, I will model it to be an effective environmentally-friendly business that Otesha would be proud of. When I was at high school I was part of PEAS, a Uganda project for better education. To raise money we used different project like cake sales, fashion catwalks and a 10K walk along the Thames. I enjoyed them so much and I’m so glad that I found Otesha to get me back in this sector.

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