Bi-monthly Challenge – March 2014

17th March 2014 by

It’s Challenge Time!

At Otesha, we like to challenge ourselves (and our readers) to live more sustainably. That’s what our cycle tours and all our other programmes at Otesha are about! Regular readers of our musings will know we set a challenge with each newsletter. We want your ideas, the challenges you want to take part in – or have already tried! Email to give us some suggestions!


This month, though, a sustainable transport challenge, with a few options…

1. If your bike’s rusting away - get it out, give it some love and get it (and your lovely self) back on the road. (If you need help, pop along to our free Dr Bike workshop at our office on Tuesdays 5-6pm!) If you want some cycle training, lots of local councils offer free sessions, they can be a great way to feel confident on the road. We’d love to see photos of you and your trusty steeds. Email them to us or tweet @OteshaUK

2. If you’re a regular bike commuter - try something new. What about a mini-weekend bicycle tour? It’s a great way to see the UK, a wonderful, cheap holiday, and you’ll feel so alive! Or go and get skilled up in bike-maintenance so you can be a self-sufficient cyclista. (You could also sign uP1060484p for an Otesha tour!)

3. Help someone else get on their bike. Let’s face it, some of us couldn’t cycle much more if we tried. So why not support someone else to start cycling… you could join a campaign or give more practical support with bike maintenance, or join someone on their commute to work to help them feel more confident on the road. You could check out organisations like this, this, and this, for a place to start!

4. If cycling isn’t for you, switching your travel habit, to foot, bus, or train is super too!

Brake the Cycle launch Sept 17 (Camden to Clapham ride)

2nd September 2011 by

Fancy joining in on a bike ride and sending Joe and Marcus ( off on their epic 14,000 mile adventure to Cape Town with style?

They’re launching their challenge with a Camden to Clapham ride supported by, the one and only, Big Red Bus as well as a cycle rickshaw 12volt sound system. The lads are hoping for a convoy of around a 100 cyclist down to Clapham Common where they’ll be meeting up for the first day of a Land and Freedom Camp on the Common.

You can also support by donating to the charities (one of which is Otesha!) they’re fundraising for here:

If you are unable to join them or support them with money then how about donating by doing? Brake the Cycle has teamed up with the amazing The Do Nation. You can sponsor them with your pledge here:

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