Pinhole Pedalling

22nd September 2011 by

A couple of weeks ago, in true Otesha style, I went on a wee cycling adventure.  I joined Sam (LeJog) and Louise (LeJog and East Coast) for week three of their travels, pulling a giant camera (distributed between two heavy trailers) across the south-west.  We battled wind, rain, and a fair few hills to set-up a three-metre-square camera obscura, into which curious passers-by were then invited.  The project used photography to celebrate beautiful and diverse landscapes…..and let’s not forget bikes.  After a week of idyllic rural landscapes we reached Bristol and visited the wonderful Bristol Bike Project

We made lots of bicycle portraits (of bicycles and their owners/creators), you can see them and read more about the ride and our visit on the Pinhole Pedaller blog!

Bikes! Art! What else do you need?

24th August 2011 by

Inspired by the amazing ARTCRANK event last week, I wanted to share a few of my favourite bike art projects of the moment:

The Good Bike Project - I just learned about this project and I love it so much. In defiance of a mayor who has publicly said that its cyclists’ own fault it they get hit by a car, some residents of Toronto, Canada, started a street art project by painting abandoned bikes around the city in bright neon colours . Even though the first bike got ticketed, new ones kept springing up around the city to the point where mayor has begrudgingly given his support to the project.

Bike are colour coded depending on their significance. For example, green bikes mark sites of urban planning significance , like bike lanes that are getting removed, orange bikes point to emerging local artists, and blue bikes celebrate community-building locations.

Contrail – A colourful street art projects that turns bike tyres into (non-toxic eco-friendly) paintbrushes. The idea is that by leaving behind colourful trails, cyclists will be able to “talk” to each other, make highly-used cycling routes visible, and help improve safety on guided bike rides with beginners. (I could see this being super useful to for leading teams to mark paths on Otesha tours. No more head-scratching, map-holding confusion on unmarked country roads!)

Rides a Bike – a blog dedicated to photos of old Hollywood stars on their bikes. I challenge you have a scroll through this site and not feel cheerful. It makes me happy just thinking about it. For example, have a gander at Patty Duke and Frank Sinatra Jr on a bike (a tandem no less!):

More modern celebrities are also featured on the site. Check out Pee-wee Herman on his shiny red steed:


Otesha goes to Malmo – and learns about art & culture

15th January 2009 by

One sunny morning in mid-September, we packed up ourselves, the flowery palais (aka our tent) and a hula hoop, and bundled ourselves onto a train from London to Malmo, Sweden to learn stuff at the European Social Forum.  Note from Liz: Jo can write whatever she wants here. Maybe something about the cultural stuff? Or whatever else, really.

As it says above, I can write whatever I want here. ANYTHING at all, and it will be published wide on the wordly web for all to see. Oh, the power. Fortunately for you I have no great agenda, so I’ll just tell you what we saw. Read the rest of this entry »

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