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14th July 2010 by

So… amongst numerous activities and the many other things they get up to, the lovely people at Otesha are piloting a new programme/service thing.

After various discussions and meetings, it now officially goes by the name of ‘DIY Projects’ and I have been offered to take part… I am the ‘DIY Pilot’, sounds pretty dangerous when put like that, but I assure you, there’s absolutely no flying involved!

I have been thinking and talking about all sorts of project ideas that I want to set up for quite some time now! It’s about time I got a move on and turn them from the ideas stage into reality… This is where the actual work begins, and where Otesha comes in! Through providing time to mentor me through the project, office space and facilities I should have everything in place to really build up some momentum.

What is my project idea? (I hear you ask)

I want to set up a pedal-powered delivery system. That is simply delivering stuff via bike.

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