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14th March 2011 by

Hey I’m Sammie, I’m on a work placement at Otesha to gain some experience to put on to my CV and open my mind up to the different opportunities the I could do as my profession.  And this is what the job center turned up with for me!

Liz from the office offered me the chance for me to do some cycle training sessions at Bike Works down Bethnal Green in East London with a guy called Jo.

For the total of 3hrs that I was with Jo. He taught me the basics in Victoria Park like signaling, how to mount the bike properly, the importance of keeping two fingers on the right hand break at all times, making sure your aware of your surroundings, emergency breaking, gears, tight u-turns and how to control the bike with constant peddling of which is a lot harder to do then to say! But is one of the most important skills to learn if you want to cycle on the road, which is the main reason why I decided to take up this opportunity.

The last time I was on the road on a bike, I managed to get stuck on the inside of Old Street round-about, for those that know of it you can see why I was scared off from cycling, but this was not to keep me off the road forever!

To be honest I did almost kill myself within the first 5mins because I didn’t realise that there was a mini-round about (something about me and round-about’s!) but once we were past that I found the enjoyment of being on the road not in a car or on a packed bus, and it was quite a nice day as well which made it even more enjoyable.

After I had mastered the basics, he took me off on to a road, which is where it all started to get a little more technical, with junctions, buses, rude white van drivers, u-turns, moving across lanes and…. the giant round about!!

I stuck to the main rule while cycling on the road (cycle in the lane, not the gutter!) and I felt confident and safe enough to lead the way back to Bike Works, when we returned I was safe, sound, informed and ready to go and get a bike with my level 2 in cycling.

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