Fancy a mini ethical fashion fest?

25th February 2011 by

Well, you’re in luck!  Our friends at The Papered Parlour are taking over the Museum of Childhood.  Workshops, live music, performance, and craft stalls – including our famous tetra pak wallet making workshop beckons you to join us and celebrate ethical fashion and its growing social movement.

When: Thurs 3rd March from 6:00-9:00pm
Where: Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9PA
Cost: free!

For further programme details, click here.

Fair Wares: Bicycle Tyre Belts you say??

26th October 2010 by

Following last month’s fab Fair Wares craft evening at DrinkShopDo we’re doing it again on Thursday 4th November 7-9pm.

Come along to convert a tyre into a hip belt.  We’ve salvaged lonely bicycle tyres to transform them into the next big fashion item!

When: Thursday 4 November from 7:00-9:00pm
Where: Drink Shop & Do, No 9 Caledonian Road N1 9DX (right near King’s Cross station)
Cost: £15.00 including all materials. For Otesha members, it’s free!

More info

There are lots of drinks, cake, tea pots and the shop is lurvely…

How to make a tetra pak wallet!

3rd September 2010 by

Last night was piles of fun, hosting Otesha’s first Fair Wears craft night at Drink, Shop & Do. So many people turned up! Jo was expecting to be able to finish knitting her sock, but no! We were rushed off our feet answering questions about juice cartons and it was fab. So, I bet you’re wondering how you turn a juice carton into a beautiful creation, like the one in the picture above? Well..

First you need some good instructors, like us Otesha laydeez (next Fair Wears wallet-making sesh will probs be Thursday October 7th).

Then, you need some clean tetra paks, with the top and bottom cut off. Fold in along the sides.

Then fold into three sections, like super speedy Laura here, get out the scissors and do some snipping to get it into shape. Good visual instructions can be found here (although instead of using staples, we just leave an extra flap that we can tuck in to hold the wallet together).

You can leave it there and look pretty cool and parade your beverage of choice when you whip out your wallet, or you can take it a step further and cover it with fabric and add a fastener. I got out the needle and thread and covered mine with a flowery scrap of fabric, added a retro button and some red string to fasten it all together.

Voila! It used to be a cranberry juice carton. How it has gone up in the world.

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