Hair Enough

5th May 2010 by

Now we’re all obviously very concerned about the oil spill, it’s going to devastate areas of natural beauty, destroy livelihoods, kill wildlife and generally continue to make a massive mess of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s just another in a long list of response to shake our heads in disapproval at BP. But we were staggered to read that one of the clean up solutions is to soak it up with hair. And I was worried about my oily hair problems!

Ok, I’m being facetious, writing a blog about the oil spill just so I can make some oily puns. But while we’re on the subject, check out Oyal Bank of Scotland. Not only does it boast a brilliant pun title but it can also tell you everything you ever wished wasn’t true about RBS-Natwest ‘the climate change bank’, which we the public also happen to own an 84% share of. It’s puns not policies that improve a campaign I reckon.

Anyway it’s clearly time for us all to put some proper effort into renewables, drilling for oil is boring. I better stop now because I’m starting to scrap the bottom of the barrel, I shell go away and try to drill up some new ones. I apologise for the dreadful humour in this blog post and thank the internet for being an endless source of awful jokes.

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