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3rd November 2011 by

Ever mindful of the thousands of bits of brightly coloured plastic, created so quickly from oil that took millions of years to form, and the thousands of years they will take to degrade, it was exciting to stumble across Plastic Seconds.

Plastic Seconds is about unique and playful body adornments and people who are not scared to wear them and get noticed. It started with and is about a love for colourful plastic bottle tops – that cannot be recycled and get thrown away! Most of the Plastic Seconds pieces are limited editions and some are one of a kind, as the materials used are found objects collected through a random, fun and time consuming process.

Plastic seconds designer Maria Papadimitriou, creates necklaces out of pen lids, jigsaw pieces, mini soya sauce bottles, plugs, toothbrushes and bottle tops.

But she’s not the only one making beautiful things out of ugly bits of found plastic. Diana Boulay is also responding to an ecological problem creatively, she’s been making installations that explore colour and juxtaposition with ‘plastic cast-offs’ for more than 4 decades.

But the prize for the most impressive use of plastic has to go to Sayaka Ganz, who’s sculpted these incredible found objects d’art ‘Wayne’ (the eagle) and ‘Emergence’ (the two horses are called Night and Day).

But in close second is a beach wandering wilderbeast that roamed (yes it really moved) the beaches of Devon in 2010. Artist Theo Jansen created a 10 metre-long mechanical, walking ‘strandbeest’ (meaning beach animal) from scrap plastic tubing and water bottles. Taking inspiration from Darwinian evolution and  the beast used engineering principles to create sophisticated animal-like abilities.

I could go on and on. But I’ll stop here and see if anyone else has incredible plastic inventions to share.

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