Innovate your insulating

3rd November 2009 by

The nights are drawing in fast and thermostats are twitching skywards, so this month we challenge you to keep snug while keeping those ‘stats down. Seal up those cracks with draft excluders , make your own double glazing and improve your insulation .

Energy consumption in the home makes up more than a quarter of the UK’s CO2 emissions, most of this is heating. By turning the thermostat down a mere 1 degree C, you can reduce your contribution by 10% and save around £40 (best invested back into insulation).

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood fire you’ll be warmed with all the collecting, carrying and chopping before you even get on to the burning. A bit of vigorous knitting will also keep you warm whilst you’re making some wondrous woollen wear, legend has it that Fairisle knitting was developed in an effort to keep warm during long Scottish evenings.  And if you’ve got any other carbon-saving, warmth-giving ideas we want to hear them to (email

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