Your Poll Card

5th May 2010 by

Full size version here. More cartoons here.

Top 10 election tips

27th April 2010 by
  1. Do register to vote. Then make sure everyone you live with is also registered to vote. Too late for this time, but never to early for next time.
  2. Do use it. Vote for the raving green monster party if you like, but use it. The noughties have been exactly that on the voting front, with only around 60% of the electorate turning out to vote at the last two elections. We may not have a perfect system, or even a particularly good system, but it’s one that people all over the world are fighting for. We’re pretty lucky, appreciate it.
  3. Don’t moan about politicians. It’s boring, everyone’s heard it before and it gives political talk a bad name.
  4. Do it yourself. If no one out there is representing you, stand as a independent. It’s like finding the perfect sandwich- sometimes if you want it done properly you’ve got to do it yourself.
  5. Do become pen-pals with your MP. Once they start to recognize your handwriting, you know you’ve got their attention.
  6. Do remember they work for you. Whether you voted for them or not, you are officially your MP’s boss. Follow your MP’s voting record then give him or her an annual appraisal and a piece of your mind.
  7. Don’t spoil the ballot. It doesn’t spoil it for everyone, but it just doesn’t do anything. Spoilt ballots aren’t even counted. Voice your dissatisfaction with letters, leaflets, petitions, placards, singing and shouting instead.
  8. Do sing, shout, hold placards, hand out petitions, send letters and leaflets anyway.
  9. Do vote everyday, in the way you spend and save your money, in the things you buy and the things you ask.
  10. Do watch this- poet Danny Chivers performs Election Day.

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