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1st September 2011 by

This month, we’re challenging you to make the most of your spare time, hone your hobbies, lend someone else a hand or try yours at  a new skill. Is this a sustainable action? Well it’s a little two fingers up to ‘the man’ action, dossing about in DIY style, escaping the rat race and making, not buying.

We’ve been inspired by Ella Gibbs’ Spare Time Job Centre. In 2003 the Chisenhale Gallery was transformed into an agency that catered only for Spare Time positions. Visitors to Spare Time Job Centre were invited to seek Spare Time Advice, browse the Spare Time Resource, look for Spare Time Tips and chat to the Spare Time Team. Applicants could then create their own unique Spare Time Job Opportunity, and apply for a position, all under one roof. The exhibition explored the boundaries of art and the community. The project provided a platform for a range of activities, from spontaneous communication to archiving. Crucially, the project’s outcome was determined by the input of Spare Time Job Centre’s participants, rather than being a creation of the artist’s singular, isolated vision.

Mark your productivity by what you achieve (in loaves, jam, mended bikes, miles covered on a rainy day and smiles), not what you get paid. And tell us about your spare time occupations.

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