The Pedal Powered adventure begins – training week at Felin Uchaf

8th July 2014 by

This year’s cycle tour are well on their way. Here’s their first team blog from training week!

Time! Time is a funny thing. These past five days have felt more like weeks. In the safe and supportive nest here at Felin Uchaf in deepest north-west Wales we have felt welcomed by our generous host Dafydd.

These action-packed days have been filled with intense Otesha knowledge – from bike maintenance to consensus-decision making, fun games to learning about anti-oppression with an exhilarating sea swim thrown in.


Today we embark on our quest to travel the length and width of the country by bicycle over the span of two weeks, sharing information and inspiration as we visit schools and community groups en route. How are we feeling you may ask?


We arrived ten strangers and set out as a close team of ten friends. We are ready to take on the hills, the weather, the roads… We feel GOOD! See you on the other side of those hills!

Legendary tales from the Northern Soul cycle tour – part 2

27th June 2011 by

This past week has been eventful… to say the least. Like the winding hills of North Wales, we have seen many summits, a few tight corners, and some good steeps!

We bid farewell to our lovely friends at Felin Uchaf on a sunny morning and only an hour behind schedule (good, we are told). Successful journey to Busybees organic farm where we managed to spend an entire days budget (almost) on their incredible honey, eggs, and fresh strawberries! All of our dreams come true. That extra protein and sugar helped us power through our first performance and set of workshops — which were a total success!

Whoever would have thought that carrying a bicycle pump in our bike maintenance trailer would be SO hilarious to a bunch of primary school kids. After a few hours worth of workshops and one hour of playtime, we were delighted to hear the kids requesting more fair trade products in the canteen, and the banana song being sung in all corners of the playground. It was so nice to have such a positive response from the kids and teachers — it has given us lots of motivation for the weeks ahead!

And then… 3 exciting days of cycling. We won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say they included several modes of alternative  transportation (land rover + horsebox, train) resulting from a few bicycle mishaps.
Until next time…
Peace, love and Marzipan biscuit sandwiches to you all! :) x

Meghan, Pete, Erin, Susanna, Holly, Heni, Rachel & Iona
The Northern Soul cycle tour team

Legendary tales from the road – part 1

22nd June 2011 by

At last the team has come together to prepare and bond before we hit the road for our 600-mile adventure from Aberdaron to Edinburgh!

We’ve had an action packed week of workshops; sharing our journeys to Otesha; outreach training; and familiarising ourselves with the ‘Morning Choices’ script to craft our very own version of the Otesha play. We’re beginning to feel well prepared to spread the message of low-impact living far and wide, and we’re excited to learn more from everyone we meet along the way. Thanks to Liz and Calu for facilitating all the week’s activities, and to Matt, Harriet and Sylvia’s Mother for keeping us well nourished!

There have been so many highs with a few healthy lows; we were perhaps all too optimistic in leaving those extra layers behind only to realise that just because it’s June, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be warm! But it was easy to forget about the cold nights with the beautiful rides, learning exchange, bicycle maintenance, cob building, and did we mention delicious food?

We’re very grateful to our hosts here at the inspirational and beautiful Felin Uchaf centre, who have shared bounty from the garden and their enchanting folk stories around the fire. It’s going to be hard to leave but after our first successful play performance, we’re energised and excited for our shows ahead.

Smiles, pedals, peace & peanut butter power,

Meghan, Pete, Erin, Susanna, Holly, Heni, Rachel & Iona
The Northern Soul cycle tour team

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