Do it like the french do it

21st October 2010 by

Last Saturday hundreds of activists descended on Coryton oil refinery in Stanford-le-hope, the biggest oil refinery in the UK, and blockaded the only road in and out. The protest was entirely peaceful, there were no arrests and an estimated 375,000 gallons of oil were prevented from reaching factories, airports and petrol stations in and around London.

All well and good. But look what the french have been up to! France is facing an oil crisis after over 3.5 million people took to the streets. This week 4,000 petrol stations ran dry after a week long blockade of France’s 12 oil refineries. And they’re not even protesting about oil!

If we want our government to sit up and take notice of us whilst they up the retirement age and cut the public sector into smithereens, we’re going to have to shout a lot harder (possibly in french). And if we really want to move our economy, our infrastructure and our lives away from oil, we’re going to have to try a lot harder.

Here’s a little video of the Crude Awakening action at Coryton.

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