Fantastic fables and foraged feasts

26th May 2011 by

This year we’re taking part in the Two Degrees festival by Artsadmin.

“Sitting between art and activism, performance and protest, this year’s festival is a chance to be part of artist led actions; tell your own revolutionary story, help eradicate an invasive species, go on a mass bingo bike ride, ask an expert about the future or exchange your own personal and political views for a free haircut.”

The festival kicks off on Sunday 12th June with Cycle Sunday at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney. We’ll be there leading a Wild Food Cycle from Dalston to the Lea Valley. The Wild Food Cycle is inspired by the work of the Invisible Food Project, which brings people together in their local green spaces to hunt for wild food, which they then cook and eat together. We too will be exploring urban green spaces, foraging and sharing food.

We’ve roped in Adam Weymouth, a walker, writer and storyteller to accompany us on this walk. Adam recently spent 8 months walking to Istanbul and is interested in slow travel, the hospitality of strangers, plant folklore and being nourished (literally) by a journey. Hopefully he’s going to tell us a story or two.

There may (or may not) also be drawing, sunny weather and the discovery of amazing things. There will definitely be walking, talking and eating.

If you want to join the Wild Food Cycle but you don’t, can’t or won’t cycle, contact to arrange meeting us for the forage, which will all be done on foot. Otherwise meet us, astride your bike, at the Arcola Theatre at 3.30pm.

There will be a trailer load of other bike-themed events on the 12th, from pedal powered freegan smoothies, to bike customising and maintenance.

P.s. This event is free.

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