2nd March 2011 by

We’ve told you before, but we’ll tell you again.

Insulate with a friend. Insulate with a loved one. Insulate with a glass of wine. Then insulate some more.

We’re often told to reduce our electricity use. Sure. But space heating accounts for 60% of the energy we use in the house, with 20% on hot water and electricity only 20%. Reducing the heating demand for energy in the first place will do wonders. Pester you parents, landlords and friends on the housing ladder to insulate lofts, flat roofs, slanty roofs, floors, pipes, cavity walls, solid walls…

(If you’re interested in learning more you can read some or all of David McKay’s book Sustainability Without the Hot Air book for free online)

The Energy Saving Trust will be able to tell you about grants for insulation, draft proofing and other super-sexy energy saving measures that are available in your area so give them a call on 0800 512 052. They also have detailed guides on home improvements that you can download for free.

With loft insulation going at only £3 a roll, it’s more a matter of can you be bothered to pay a smaller heating bill than can you afford to insulate.

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