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Nothing feels more exciting than opening the oven to find a big lump of sticky sweet goodness to devour in half the time it took to make. What a good way to cheer not only yourself up but the people around you too. So this month we’re challenging you to get creative in the kitchen.

Making your own treats will also help reduce; the amount of packaging you consume, the amount of products which have travelled so many miles to you and the amount of money you spend which goes to companies who advertise heavily at children and stick horrible additives in their food.

This is Nick’s ever evolving and never quite the same cake recipe:

With a fork mix 2 tablespoons of margarine with a good pouring of fairtrade caster sugar, pour a tiny bit of oat-milk/milk/water/whatever into the mixture and mix, add chocolate/nuts/fruit if you fancy some or have some in stock but if not don’t worry, mix together and then add around 5/6 tablespoons of organic self raising flour, mix together. You should now have a mixture which is thick and gloopy (if not add some more flour). Then put into whatever baking utensil/casserole dish (line with baking paper) you have and put into a hot oven of around 180C and cook for about 30 mins or until you can prod the middle with a knife and the knife comes out clean.

As always we would like to see pictures of your best brownies, Fairtrade fruitcakes, lovely lemon tarts and organic oakcakes. We also want to hear stories of kitchen happenings and any great recipes that you would like to share ( Bon appetite!

Here are three cakes (carrot cake, cheesecake and chocolate cake) that Carla made and brought into work!

make bake cake

At Stitch and Bitch they’re laying down their needles to bake too. Full of puns and peatnut butter, two of our favourite things, purl your eyes around this stitch dropping and drooling recipe- PKnit2Togobble Pknitbutter Cookies

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