Sally forth with seasonal feasts

1st August 2011 by

This month, whilst the freshest, crunchiest, fruitiest, deliciousest, localest produce is in abundance, we challenge you to hold a seasonal feast.

Find a friend with an allotment or a neighbour growing in their garden and beg some excess off them (we can almost guarantee that they’ll have more courgettes than they know what to do with). Visit the market and buy up as much British produce as you can carry home. Scramble in the brambles for some blackberries. Take all your bundles home and invite your people over for a feast of plenty.

Seasonal recipes here

Find out what’s in season here

Why we forgot how to grow food

We are heading towards The End of Days, and you’d better get yourself an allotment
an unexpected piece of wisdom from that great environmentalist Jeremy Clarkson.

Wild about foraging

1st August 2011 by

Courtesy of James, the intern that wouldn’t leave, we proudly present to you

The Otesha Project – Wild Summer Food Recipe Book (download here)

The book includes tips for safe and sustainable foraging and recipes from the Invisible Food Project.

We hope the recipe book will inspire you to get out there and forage. Foraging can be an amazing source of local, healthy, sustainable food for free. We also think that getting people outside, getting connected to their local green spaces and observing the nature around them no matter how urban they are, can only be a good thing.

If you like this you’ll love Otesha’s Wild Food Cycles, where we take an intrepid band of individuals on a cycle around London’s parks and impart our wild food knowledge at stops along the way, the ride ends with everyone getting together and enjoying a freshly foraged meal.

Otesha members get free entry to our events.

Thanks to the Invisible Food Project for help and inspiration in wild food ways.

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