Arrogance as a source of renewable energy

5th October 2010 by

Full size version here. More cartoons here.

Beautiful Bills

8th June 2010 by

We racked our brains for this monthly challenge. Surely, we thought, we have already challenged you to do everything that can reasonably be challenged? Recycling monthly challenges suddenly doesn’t seem so eco. But then it dawned on us, there is one effective, yet easy challenge still unused. And how could we have overlooked it for so long? But never fear, for this month we challenge you to change your energy supplier.

Leave the fossils behind and get yourself some good energy, some green energy or some ecotricity. All UK energy suppliers are obliged to increase the amount of the electricity they sell from renewable sources, in 2009 the required level was 9.1%. Beware green tariff greenwash from companies who get most of their energy from gas and oil, a green tariff might be no more than a legal requirement. When beautifying your bills check not only how much of your energy will come from renewables, but also how much suppliers are investing in new renewables and improving the state of the grid.

Switch your energy supplier, make your bills beautiful and while you’re at it, get your neighbours, dad, gran, long lost cousins, and your work/ school/ uni to do it too.

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